Architecture & Interior Design

Designing in Balance

The experienced team at Epsten Group is composed of passionate, multi-disciplined consultants who empower our architects to design unique, cost-effective, and sustainable projects for multiple building types. Our focus is on the selection and execution of sustainable materials that reflect a client’s history, as well as on superb craftsmanship and attention to detail. These elements are what bring character to our designs and allow us to enrich and elevate each project we touch.

Adaptive Reuse

It’s been said that the greenest building is one that already exists. Our expert knowledge of LEED standards and requirements and the inherent sustainability of adaptive reuse allows us to deliver highly functional, ecologically responsible spaces that celebrate the historic context and character of each structure.

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Sustainable Interiors

Designing for sustainability is the core of our work. It stems from our conviction that architecture and design play a vital role in personal health and wellness. The award-winning interior design team at Epsten Group collaborates seamlessly with our sustainability practices to create interior environments that directly reflect our clients' vision.

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Net-Zero Sustainable Architecture

Building space is transforming rapidly to better accommodate the needs of energy efficiency and occupant wellness. Net-zero architecture bolsters sustainability by completely offsetting the carbon footprint or energy consumption. As part of our commitment to leading the industry toward net-zero sustainability, our architects provide innovative solutions for several facility types that diminish waste, maximize efficiency, and prioritize the health and wellness of building occupants.

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