Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary, Bear Habitats

Earthfire Rendering 01092023
Project Description

The existing bear habitats are to be re-imagined in order to meet current standards for animal habitats in human care. The new habitats and care quarters are intended to fit within Earthfire’s master plan and consider the animal wellness concepts of comfort, companionship, challenge, and choice in their design. They are being designed to maximize both the safety and comfort of animal management staff as they shift animals and perform daily tasks, such as cleaning the care quarters and habitats and feed the bears.
The habitats will also include waterfall features to supply water to the bears for drinking, cooling, and enrichment. There will be viewing areas integrated into the design for close-up interaction between select visitors and the bears designed to emphasize a connection with the animals.
In keeping with the conservation mission of the Institute, the habitat and care quarters will be as self-sufficient as possible, utilizing off-the-grid technologies such as rainwater harvesting and renewable energy systems, such as photovoltaics.

Project Details

Tetonia, ID

Dates of Service:
2019- Present

217,800 SF

Services Performed

Architecture and Interior Design, Zoo Design

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