Riverside Discovery Center, Grizzly Bear Exhibit and Bear Bluffs Center

Project Description

Located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, the Riverside Discovery Center engaged zoo design firm Epsten Group to convert an existing zebra yard into the new Grizzly Brothers exhibit for two orphaned grizzly bear cubs who were brought to the center from a nearby national park. Linking to the history of the region, Epsten Group’s conceptual design included a water tower climbing structure designed to promote greater physical activity and fitness for the bears, provide a cooling water feature during the hot summer months, and provide a central focal point for visitors. The concept design also included two potential viewing blinds and an off-exhibit holding facility for the bears.

A future phase of the project will include the construction of the Bear Bluffs Center, an indoor facility with views into the Grizzly Brothers exhibit that will also include an indoor trout stream, views into the center’s existing swift fox exhibit, a new conservation-themed Wyoming toad exhibit, and an array of classroom teaching laboratory and events spaces.

Scope of Services

  • Phase I: New outdoor exhibit including a water tower climbing structure with two viewing blinds as well as an off-exhibit holding facility
  • Phase II: Bear Bluffs Center will include a new indoor walk through holding facility with small animal exhibits, museum exhibits, and viewing windows to Bear Exhibit


Project Details

Scottsbluff, NE

Dates of Service:

3,155 SF

Services Performed

Zoo Design
Architecture & Interior Design

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