Building Enclosure Services

Constructability, Durability and Performance

An effective building enclosure forms a barrier that protects and preserves user regulated interior environments from uncontrollable exterior climates. At Epsten Group, we strive to improve every building enclosure we touch.

Building Enclosure Consulting Services
  • Commissioning (New and Existing Buildings)
  • Condition Assessments and Enclosure Surveys
  • Forensics, Failure, and Water Intrusion Investigations
  • Repair, Remediation, Rehab, or Restoration Design
  • Design and Submittal Reviews
  • Quality Assurance Construction Monitoring
  • Hazardous Material Sampling (Lead and Asbestos)
  • Insurance Claim and Litigation Support
  • Reserve Studies and Maintenance Plans
  • Historic Preservation
  • Energy Modeling
  • Life Cycle Assessments
Building Enclosure Testing Services
  • AAMA 501.2 Spray Nozzle Testing
  • AAMA/ASTM Air and Water Infiltration Testing
  • Infrared Thermography Services
  • Whole-Building Blower Door Testing
  • Infrared and Smoke Tracer Air Leak Testing
  • Electronic Leak Detection Services
  • Additional Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing Methods
New Construction

On new development and construction projects, we collaborate with design teams to provide the explicit contract documents and coordinate with various team members to analyze pertinent submittals and assist with RFI correspondence.  We confront challenges, track, and ensure disputes are resolved and provide useful feedback throughout the mock-up and construction phases.  After installations are complete, we employ industry-standard testing methods to confirm and verify the performance meets the desired criteria. We also provide a guide for how to maintain your building components throughout their service life.

Existing Buildings

During occupancy/operation and at times of maintenance and repair, we use cutting-edge investigation and forensic tools to evaluate the condition and serviceability of your components. We provide the necessary documents and services to properly correct existing systems or instruct on the design of new systems.  We also provide property acquisition and sellers with advice on how to maximize their return on investment.

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