Oklahoma City Zoo, Galapagos Tortoise Exhibit

OKC Tortoise
Project Description

Epsten Group was the zoo design firm chosen by Oklahoma City Zoo to design a new Galapagos Tortoise exhibit at the site of its existing children’s zoo area as a part of its ongoing Master Plan renovations. The Galapagos Tortoise exhibit consists of an indoor holding facility with a sand floor and an artificial pool to provide public viewing from the exterior during the cold winter months. The holding facility serves two large tortoise yards, one for males and one for females, with an exhibit boundary rail that is to be welded from donated drilling pipe from a local oil company. The exhibit yard was designed to preserve existing tree cover to provide natural shade for tortoise comfort and includes areas such as a mud wallow for tortoise enrichment and wellness.

Scope of Services

  • New indoor holding facility with two large tortoise yards
  • New exhibit yard designed to preserve natural tree cover for animal comfort and mud wallow for enrichment and wellness
Project Details

Oklahoma City, OK

Dates of Service:

13,000 SF (Exhibit), 1,500 SF (Holding Building)

Services Performed

Architecture & Interior Design
Zoo Design

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