Net-Zero Sustainable Architecture

Net-zero architecture refers to design that achieves an overall balance between the emissions produced and emissions removed from the project site. A building that is truly net-zero will completely offset its own carbon footprint. While accomplishing this level of sustainability is challenging, such energy-efficient infrastructure demonstrates a staunch commitment to improving our built and natural environments.

At Epsten Group, our in-house architects have expertise producing multi-targeted net-zero designs for commercial buildings, institutions, public facilities, and more. We help our clients offset 100% of their operational energy through dynamic service offerings that include net-zero water to net-zero waste, depending on the nature of the project.

Epsten’s Net-Zero Sustainable Architecture Services examine:

  • Net-Zero Water

    Our team designs water-neutral buildings where the amount of alternative water used and returned to the original water source is equal to the building's total water consumption.

  • Net-Zero Carbon

    We help our clients achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions on their building projects by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal – or eradicating them altogether.

  • Net-Zero Energy

    Epsten architects design buildings and facilities so that the total amount of annual energy the sites use is equal to the amount of renewable energy created on-site.

  • Net-Zero Waste

    Our professionals will incorporate waste prevention methods into client building designs in order to recycle by-products rather than sending them to landfills, incinerators or the oceans.

    The Epsten team is proficient in EPA regulations and understands the technical components necessary to reach these goals. As proven specialists for LEED and Living Building Challenge (LBC) Consulting, our architects can seamlessly integrate all of the above net-zero models into any building design project. Not only can we help your project earn the net-zero label, but we will develop a final product that reduces waste, prevents contamination, and holistically improves the surrounding environment.

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