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Commissioning is a third-party, independent service to verify that building systems operate as intended. As our buildings and building systems become more complicated, the commissioning process must go further than a simple check-the-box, documentation exercise. Epsten Group is committed to providing hands-on, qualitative commissioning services to building owners and operators.

Protecting your investment at every opportunity, our team is proud and passionate about finding solutions to system inadequacies and failures. The results are clear with high customer retention rates and a current workload of over 85% repeat clients. Whether a new or existing building, our commissioning agents find practical and effective solutions to optimize your building performance.

  • New Building Commissioning

    We help you from the very beginning of a project by first developing owner project requirements and then helping to establish general and technical expectations, such as building temperature, humidity levels, and energy and performance goals. Working with the design team, our commissioning agents carefully review design and construction documents to provide recommendations on how to best meet project goals. Finally, in construction, our team tests all systems to ensure that performance meets expectations.

    Our new building commissioning services divide into the following focus areas:

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    MEP Commissioning

    With diverse backgrounds in MEP services, our dedicated team members verify the performance of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to bring you the benefits of optimal performance.

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    Building Enclosure Commissioning

    Our team focuses on the project’s exterior shell – the bricks, siding, windows, doors, roofs – to ensure the enclosure has thermal integrity, as well as water and air tightness on all six sides.

  • Existing Building Commissioning

    When your building doesn’t work as intended, you want to know why and how to fix the problem. This is our team’s expertise. Our commissioning agents troubleshoot your systems to identify problems and propose practical solutions to improve energy performance, reduce work orders, and improve occupant comfort. Our team goes above and beyond in their recommendations to include anticipated costs toward improvements and an estimate of dollars saved over time.

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