Zoo Atlanta, Complex Carnivores and Trader’s Alley

Traders Alley
Project Description

Zoo Atlanta’s Complex Carnivores exhibit and Trader’s Alley complex projects include a series of new exhibits and the modernization of existing holding buildings.  Complex Carnivores is a 1,400 SF, two-story viewing exhibit that includes viewing areas for small carnivores: Binturong, Fossa, Bush Dog, Sumatran Tiger, and Clouded Leopard. The 3,354 SF Trader’s Alley complex includes the Sumatran Tiger and Malayan Sun Bear, individual holding areas and exhibit yards, and an Asian Hornbills aviary exhibit.

Complex Carnivores Scope of Services

  • New exhibits and holding buildings for the Binturong, Fossa, and Bush Dog
  • Well-insulated holding buildings with clerestory windows to maximize natural light, spray-applied foam insulation, and a loc-voc paint finish
  • Renovations to the existing Sumatran Tiger and Clouded Leopard viewing areas and the addition of a new interactive children’s exhibit

Trader’s Alley Scope of Services

  • Renovation and modernization of the existing open-air Sumatran Tiger holding building into an enclosed, heated, and air-conditioned facility
  • Upgrades to the Tiger exhibit yard
  • Addition of a new holding building and exhibit yard for Malayan Sun Bears
  • Addition of a holding building and 420 SF aviary exhibit for the Asian Hornbills
  • 550 SF raised bamboo viewing area constructed of steel pipe and rebar sculpted and painted to look like bamboo
Project Details

Atlanta, GA

Dates of Service:

1,400 SF; 3,345 SF

Services Performed

Architecture & Interior Design
Zoo Design

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