Client Overview

Epsten Group is proud to have provided commissioning services to Georgia Institute of Technology for over 10 years and is one of Epsten Group’s earliest commissioning clients. We have completed dozens projects including research lab facilities, campus housing, athletic facilities and dining halls utilizing our holistic and team-oriented approach to suit the needs of each unique project. We also assisted with the standardization of Georgia Tech’s Commissioning documentation for use on all campus projects.

Project list

  • Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design
  • McCamish Pavilion
  • Campus Boilerplate Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Campus Boilerplate Commissioning Specifications
  • Cell Manufacturing Facility
  • Glenn & Towers Residence Hall Renovations
  • Boggs Chemistry Building (multiple renovations)
  • ACC Network Operations Center
  • GTRI Cobb South Campus Buildings L-12 and L-22 Renovations
  • Clough ULC Recommissioning
  • Nanotechnology Low-Temperature Chiller Replacement
  • Pettit Chiller Replacement
  • Campus Recreation Center Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacements
  • Old Civil Engineering Building Recommissioning
  • North Avenue Apartments
  • 8TH Street Apartments Boiler Replacement
  • Tech Tower Enclosure Analysis
  • French Hall Enclosure Analysis
  • Hopkins Hall HVAC Upgrades
  • Perry-Matheson Hall HVAC and Enclosure Analysis
  • Field & Hanson Halls HVAC Upgrades
  • GESPC ES&T and BME Energy Upgrades Commissioning
  • West Campus Housing HVAC Analysis
  • Athletics Facilities Equipment Assessment
  • 10th Street Chiller Plant Electrical Resiliency Upgrades
  • Ford Environmental Science and Technology Building
  • U.A. Whitaker Building
  • Carnegie Building & Tech Tower
  • Ramblin’ Reck Garage


Services Performed

New building commissioning
Existing building commissioning
Monitoring-based commissioning
Building enclosure consulting
Building enclosure testing
Energy modeling
Indoor air quality testing

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