Georgia Tech, Carnegie Building & Tech Tower

Project Description

The Carnegie Building is a two-story, brick veneer structure comprised of office spaces and below-grade basement spaces. Tech Tower is a four-story, brick veneer structure with a granite foundation comprised of office spaces and below-grade partial basement spaces. Throughout the years, these buildings have gone through the normal deterioration of the building components and materials, which resulted in constant water filtration into the interior spaces.

Scope of Services

  • Limited investigation and evaluation of the existing ground and wall system conditions
  • Provide and review corrective recommendations
  • Provide appropriate corrective design and specifications/details
  • Construction observations
  • Final reports documenting construction of corrective work
Project Details

Atlanta, GA

Dates of Service:
2017 - 2018

48,000 SF waterproofing area

Services Performed

Building Enclosure Consulting

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