Sarah Storey Shares Her Story

Sarah Storey, our Marketing Coordinator, has been with Epsten Group for nearly two years, managing our social media and dozens of other processes across our Marketing Department. Sarah thrives at the center of all marketing operations, explaining that “marketing creates and updates materials to best show off and explain what we do here at Epsten Group. I get to share all of the amazing sustainable projects and things that our team works so hard on, both to specific potential clients and to a wider audience.”

In early 2022, Sarah came to us after completing her master’s degree in marketing from Georgia State University. Prior to that, she earned her BA in Public Relations from Berry College, where she worked at the student run magazine, Valkyrie Magazine, as the Marketing and Public Relations Director. She chose her field because she feels that “communication is very important, and I like being able to communicate the incredible work we do effectively. Being a marketer has made me a better communicator.”

The work Sarah curates is often the first thing potential clients see about Epsten Group. It’s a delicate process to balance technical language with accessible prose to appeal to the wide range of partners we hope to do work with, ranging from Zoos, to Universities, to small local businesses. By working diligently to keep a pulse on industry trends as well as the best ways to market our unique projects, Sarah is an invaluable asset to everyone on our team.

“I love the people at Epsten Group,” she shares. “Everyone here is very passionate about sustainability and driven to make the world a better place. I’m constantly inspired by the people I work with to be a better person. To me, sustainability means taking responsibility for your actions and trying to make choices that will have a positive impact on the world around you,” she says.

In her time outside the office, Sarah is an avid reader— “mostly of fiction,” she explains. “I’m trying to get more into creating and crafting,” she adds, “since the few times I’ve done that as an adult have been really relaxing.”

In the new year, Sarah hopes to continue to grow and evolve as a communicator, focusing her efforts on “getting even better at communicating the amazing things our team does.” Our Marketing Department and our entire team at Epsten are so grateful to Sarah for all she does each day to effectively highlight and promote the world-changing work our project teams do to create a brighter, more sustainable future.

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