David Flowers Illuminates the Intersection of Efficiency and Sustainability in Commissioning

David Flowers, our commissioning team’s newest engineer, rejoined our team late last year after initially coming to Epsten Group as an intern in the summer of 2022. “The few months of my internship at Epsten Group were an exhilarating era for me as I began to learn the minute details of mechanical systems and how they are configured to provide building services for various facilities,” David shares. He fondly remembers his team’s guidance and mentorship throughout various MEP system projects during that time—a memory that guided him back to us as soon as he graduated from Kennesaw State University with his degree in Mechanical Engineering in the latter half of 2023.

As excited as we were to have David return, he was equally as excited to rejoin our team. “I am certain Epsten Group is absolutely the best workplace experience I have ever had,” he enthusiastically explains. “I especially love the unique personalities and welcoming culture that everyone brings to the workplace.”

In supporting our commissioning team, David has already been an integral part of several exciting projects—his favorite of which so far has been Georgia State University’s new Convocation Center. His role, alongside our full team’s involvement in projects like this, is integral not just to building performance, but to creating facilities that positively impact occupants and their surrounding environment.

“The modern built environment that many of us regularly enjoy and utilize is reliant on the building services that engineers endeavor so much to create,” David elaborates. “My role in commissioning is vital to ensuring the functionality of the building equipment that provides services key to occupancy and performance. The commissioning process that we follow is becoming more widespread, as it greatly improves the execution of many modern projects with requirements relating to efficiency, fire safety and sustainability.”

In David’s mind, this efficiency is at the core of what sustainability means to him. “Sustainability represents the common goal of many projects to minimize the long term monetary and social cost by increasing energy efficiency, using renewable resources, and limiting the environmental impact of these systems,” he explains.

When he is not at work, David devotes time to passions like 3D art and community involvement in the interest of promoting diversity and social equity.

We are grateful to have David join us again and for the continued work he and his team do every day to advance Epsten Group’s mission of creating a brighter, more sustainable future through the built environment.

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