Sustainable practices for a better world

We provide a customer-centric approach, and through it, we deliver high-performance buildings.

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    Sustainability Consulting

    When faced with complex sustainability questions, Epsten Group will work with you to develop a plan of action that is right for your company, your project, and your goals.  

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    Product & Building Certifications

    As society becomes increasingly conscious of its impact on the environment, having the sustainability of your products and practices validated by a third party can really distinguish you from your competition.

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    Commissioning Services

    Commissioning services at Epsten Group go beyond the simple processing of paperwork and checklists, as we dig in to each project and devote our efforts to your best interests, your investment, and your project goals.

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    Building Envelope Services

    Our team of building envelope experts provides you with a rigorous, full-service envelope commissioning process to maximize water-resistance, air-tightness, and other aspects of durability and energy efficiency.

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    Zoo Planning & Design

    Our design studio works in collaboration with our clients to devise life-like, engaging, and sustainable zoological, botanical, wildlife sanctuaries, and educational spaces that culminate at the cross of nature and culture.

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