Oklahoma City Zoo, Orangutan Climber

Project Description

In order to improve the health and wellness of the orangutans inhabiting its existing exhibit, Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens engaged Epsten Group to design a new climbing structure. Built to promote natural climbing and brachiating, the climber aims to improve animal wellness by promoting higher levels of physical activity and fitness as well as offering the orangutan opportunities for enrichment. The climber consists of three levels of decks interconnected by large climbing posts crowned with hoop hammocks. The structure also includes a number of attachments for artificial firehose vines to further promote movement from post to post and deck to deck.

Scope of Services

  • New climbing structure for existing orangutan exhibit
  • Designed to maximize animal wellness, promote physical activity, and provide enrichment opportunities


Project Details

Oklahoma City, OK

Dates of Service:


Services Performed

Zoo Design


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