Nancy Gomez’s Affinity for Numbers Makes Her an Invaluable Accounting Assistant

Nancy Gomez, our Accounting Assistant, has been with Epsten Group since early 2022. She works in partnership with our Associate & Accounting Department Manager to ensure everything in the operations of the firm—from payroll, to billing, to expense reports, and beyond—runs smoothly. Nancy, like many members of our Operations Team, works diligently “behind the scenes” to ensure our technical experts are supported in their field work, wherever their sites may be.

Her first position was as an Office Administrator at a veterinary office, followed by the same position working her way up to a Marketing Coordinator position at a firm that produced oxygen sensors for the military. Nancy worked full time while putting herself through college full time, earning an associate degree in liberal arts.

In 2012, roughly a decade after her 1999 move to Georgia, Nancy and her husband started their own business: her first introduction to the field of accounting. It was an immediate perfect fit, and she returned to college in her 40’s to earn a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting and minoring in Finance.

Today, Nancy still manages both the finances of her own business as well as the finances of our team here at Epsten—a duality of roles that is no small feat. Despite the hard work, Nancy finds joy in every aspect of her career, reporting that she loves “working with spreadsheets and numbers,” gifted with a special affinity for sifting out details and discrepancies in a sea of values.

“If it wasn’t for the accountant in the room, no one would get paid, and businesses would fail,” Nancy explains. “I know accountants often seem very direct with our approach, but for us, strict budgets, time frames, and deadlines are crucial to how the business functions. Without them, our technical team members would suffer the consequences of a dysfunctional company.”

Our mission of sustainability at Epsten Group is crucially important to Nancy; “it means everybody needs to do their part,” she reflects. “If we all take responsibility for our own actions and impact, we’d collectively be in a better place. Sustainability means you care enough to make a change.”

While Epsten Group relies on Nancy for the smooth operation of the world-changing work we do every day, her loved ones and community rely on her just the same. “I mentor young girls in my church and volunteer my time for various events across my community,” she shares. “I also enjoy drawing and doing puzzles in my spare time. Quality family time, to me, is essential.”

In parting, Nancy shares that she feels “truly blessed to have a job [she] loves” at Epsten, and to all of her beloved team members, she notes: “If I bother you for project ID’s, receipts, or expense reports, just know I truly understand you’re busy— but I will continue to give you gentle reminders you until you send me what I need to get your projects billed properly and on time.”

We’re grateful to Nancy for everything she does, both for us at Epsten and in her personal life, to create a brighter future for us all.

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