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Third-party Assistance for Building and Product Certifications

Distinguish yourself from the competition with third-party validation of your products and practices.

  • WELL Performance Testing and Pre-testing

    WELL is a performance-based rating system. Every WELL project is verified through on-site testing, which takes place post-occupancy.

    Epsten Group is a verified WELL Performance Testing Organization for WELL v2 as endorsed by IWBI. We work directly with reviewers at GBCI to provide test results for your project during the WELL certification process. We are also available to perform pre-testing services to see if your building is performing as it was designed prior to WELL Performance Testing. To learn more about WELL Pre-testing, read this article on best practices.

  • EPD Process Verification

    Managed by EnvironDec, the International EPD System is the most recognized global program for Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025, ISO 14040/14044, and EN 15804. Epsten Group is one of only six ISO 17065 accredited companies that can certify your internal EPD process against the GPI and earn Type III EPD verification for your products. 

    Does GPI certification make sense for my organization?
    In our experience, companies that conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), which are input into five (5) or more EPDs, would find GPI certification a more cost-effective approach.

    How does GPI certification work?
    Epsten Group will assess your organization’s internal LCA and EPD process against the GPI process to verify that your organization’s life cycle assessment processes and procedures follow those outlined by EnvironDec. Upon completion of the Certification Assessment, your organization will be able to use the EG EPD logo on your EPD documentation to demonstrate a Type III EPD. Every year, Epsten Group will assess your process to maintain certification. EPDs for products that are conducted under an EPD Process certification are also eligible to be published on the International EPD System website.

    EPD Process Certification means your product will count as one (1) whole product under the LEED v4 and one and a half (1.5) products under the LEED v4.1 Materials and Resources Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Environmental Product Declarations credits as an externally reviewed Product-specific Type III EPD.

    To view and download our published EPDs, click here

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