Abhiri Khisty Blossoms in her Role as a Sustainability Specialist

As both an architect and sustainability specialist in India, Abhiri Khisty has the unique opportunity to review a diverse range of projects from countries worldwide. Khisty moved to the United States from Mumbai, India in 2018 to pursue her master’s degree in Sustainable Design. As a graduate student, she participated in numerous design charrettes focused on The Living Building Challenge and LEED Certifications. While obtaining her degree, she also worked as a Sustainability Intern for two different organizations in Philadelphia.

Driven by a passion for leaving a positive impact on our planet, Khisty attended the Living Future 2021 Conference, which was her first introduction to Epsten Group. She began researching more about the company and instantly fell in love with the Atlanta headquarters. Since accepting her new role as a Sustainability Specialist at Epsten in January 2022, Khisty’s work has provided her with a unique opportunity to extend her previous experience in the residential sector into the larger-scale, impactful projects in Epsten’s portfolio.

Khisty provides her technical expertise as a reviewer for projects to ensure compliance with LEED standards. The critical reviews Abhiri completes drive change to create a lasting impact on the planet and are essential to reversing the effects of climate change. With a keen eye for detail, her favorite projects to work on are those that leave no stone unturned in providing detailed information for each credit submitted for review.

To Khisty, sustainability means living in harmony with nature and the natural ecosystems, having empathy for all species, and being mindful of what we consume. She loves that Epsten Group not only advises clients on the best practices to meet their sustainability goals, but also embraces green practices, inclusivity, and wellness to enrich the employee experience. As a non-native, working at a company that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and equity is also of great importance to Abhiri. If she could describe her experience working at Epsten in one word, she’d choose a lovely one: “blossoming!”

Looking forward, Khisty is excited about earning the LEED credential and acquiring more knowledge about LEED and other rating systems, and feels grateful and blessed to be a part of the dynamic team at Epsten.

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