About Retro-Commissioning & Facility Assessments

Existing facilities may require Retro-Commissioning (RCx) to validate that the facility and its systems operate as intended. RCx could be either part of a periodic validation in a facilities quality assurance program, or needed due to program, functional or operational changes to the facility and its systems.

RCx is a systematic process applied to existing buildings for identifying and implementing operational and maintenance improvements and for ensuring their continued performance. It is an inclusive and systematic process that intends not only to optimize how equipment and systems operate, but also how the systems function together.

Although RCx may include recommendations for capital improvements, the primary focus is on using Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tune-up activities and diagnostic testing to optimize the building systems. RCx is not a substitute for major repair work. Repairing major problems is a must before Retro-Commissioning can be fully completed.

Tasks may include:
Document Review
Facility Staff Interview
Re-Commissioning Plan
Retro-Commissioning Plan
Field Testing
System Evaluations
Energy Modeling
Systems Commissioning
Building Envelope Commissioning
Implementation Phase
O&M Personnel Training

Project Service Retro-Commissioning & Facility Assessments