About Commissioning

At Epsten Group, we believe that the purpose of commissioning is to define the Owner’s project expectations, align design and construction tasks to meet those expectations, and to verify systems achieve those expectations. Commissioning is not simply a process of paperwork collection and checklist completion; it is an exercise is communication and team work.

When delivered properly, commissioning always adds value to all layers of the project team and has an excellent return on investment. Whether the Owner experience direct savings in energy use reduction or change order avoidance, or by minimizing contractor call-backs, commissioning can and should be
integrated into all projects early in the design phase to maximize benefits.

Epsten Group offers comprehensive services for the commissioning of the building, including:

Design Development (Basis of Design/Owners Project Requirements)
Design reviews (schematic design, construction documents, bid addenda, shop drawings)
Commissioning plans
Review or development of testing requirements
Installation checklists
Site observation
Testing of installed components (Functional Testing )
Test reports
Tracking of correction items
Commissioning reports
Training of staff for operations and maintenance
Warranty follow-up

Epsten Group also has special expertise with building types that rely on superior building envelope performance, such as laboratory buildings.

Commissioning begins in the design phase with a thorough design review, continues through construction with a field-based verification and testing approach, and concludes with training and warranty review with the facilities staff prior to equipment warranty expiration. This approach goes above and beyond the basics of process commissioning our clients express great satisfaction in the services delivered by our commissioning agents.

Project Service Commissioning