LEED Certification Reviews

We have extensive knowledge of the following rating systems:

New Construction (NC)
Core and Shell, including Precertification (CS)
Schools (K-12) (Schools)
Commercial Interiors (CI)
Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (EBOM)
Healthcare (HC)
Retail supplement for both New Construction and Commercial Interiors (NC Retail) (CI Retail)
Neighborhood Development (ND)

Not to mention, our team specializes in Master Site projects and Group projects (beta) under the Application Guide for Multiple Buildings and On-Campus Projects, as well as the LEED Volume program.

GREENGUARD Certification
Epsten Group independently assesses the credibility of each new product undergoing certification through the GREENGUARD process. While the product certification process performed by GREENGUARD is accredited to ISO Guide 65, GREENGUARD goes one step further by engaging Epsten Group to perform an additional third-party review of the process.

Epsten Group acts as a third-party reviewer for the following GREENGUARD certifications:

Energy Star® Certification for Buildings
Epsten Group can assist in: