• Architecture | Interior Design
    Architecture | Interior Design
    We strive to make green building accessible, functional, and beautiful by offering state-of-the industry knowledge and experience in sustainable design and construction and the highest levels of service.
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  • Commissioning
    Commissioning is both a process and a critical phase within the overall project delivery plan. We focus on linking the design and construction processes by facilitating an approach that encourages the team to view the building process holistically.
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  • Green Building & LEED Consulting
    Green Building & LEED Consulting
    Epsten Group has more LEED experience than any other firm in the world. Our portfolio includes projects that span the globe, including 50 different countries for more than 6,000 projects.
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  • Energy Modeling & Optimization
    Energy Modeling & Optimization
    With four energy modelers on staff and the ability to use BIM to quickly create model geometry, we can efficiently provide our clients with whole building energy simulations for both new and existing projects.
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  • Building & Product Certifications
  • Building Envelope
    Building Envelope
    Building envelope commissioning ensures long-term performance of a building’s most critical and liability-prone components and can make a project eligible for a LEED Innovation credit.
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  • Retro-Commissioning & Facility Assessments
    Retro-Commissioning & Facility Assessments
    Retro-Commissioning is a systematic process applied to existing buildings for identifying and implementing operational and maintenance improvements and for ensuring their continued performance over time.
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  • Roofing & Waterproofing
    Roofing & Waterproofing
    Epsten Group has extensive experience in the evaluation of all types of building envelope systems and in providing documents and services for correction or the design of new systems.
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  • Energy Auditing
    Energy Auditing
    Epsten Group’s Energy Audit services help building owners and facility managers document their existing building conditions and processes, and identify potential energy saving opportunities.
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