Land Rover Dealership

Land Rover Dealership

Atlanta, Georgia




Project Description

The renovation of this 1946 building in the historic Martin Luther King, Jr. District of Atlanta centered around energy efficiency. A new stair tower with a roof Epsten Group was the architect for this new 14,000 square-foot showroom and service center in Alpharetta, Georgia. The showroom design resembles the construction of historic railroad stations and features natural materials, such as exposed timber trusses. Conscientious space planning provided for pleasant sales and office areas.

This is an open, playfully designed space made with all natural materials, creating a very attractive environment. People entering the space are made comfortable through a setting reminiscent of a mountain retreat. Recycled timber trusses, natural stone, and displayed objects of mountain life represent values of simpler living in close contact with nature. Natural day-lighting fills the space and reduces electrical lighting requirements.

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