Downtown Campus Expansion, American General Finance

Downtown Campus Expansion, American General Finance

Evansville, Indiana




Project Description

The American General Financial Services expansion is a 5-story building with 150,000 square feet of gross floor area which consists of office spaces and construction of a new elevated pedestrian bridge to connect the new expansion building to the existing building complex. Khalil Dehghanian performed building envelope commissioning services for the new building complex and pedestrian bridge. The scope of services included:

Design Reviews
Pre-Installation/Pre-Construction Meetings
Submittal and Shop Drawing Reviews
Envelope Installation Observation
Substantial Completion Inspection
Final Commissioning Report

Envelope Components Commissioned

Below-grade walls, superstructure underfloor air distribution, exterior wall assemblies, thermal insulation, roofing, windows, curtainwalls, and storefront

Services Provided

Building Envelope » Commissioning » Roofing & Waterproofing »

Project Type

Commercial »