Complex Carnivores, Zoo Atlanta

Complex Carnivores, Zoo Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia



1,400sf; 2 Stories

Project Description

Capitalizing on the success of Epsten Group’s design for the Trader’s Alley complex, Epsten Group was approached by Zoo Atlanta to create three additional exhibits for small carnivores and renovate the 21-year old Sumatran Tiger and Clouded Leopard viewing area. The resulting Complex Carnivores design includes new enclosed exhibits and holding buildings for the Binturong and Fossa and a new open yard exhibit, holding building, and trussed viewing areas for the Bush Dog. Each holding building was designed with clerestory windows to maximize natural light and promote ventilation during exhibit washdown. The buildings were also well insulated with spray-applied foam insulation and were finished with loc-voc paints. The Sumatran Tiger and Clouded Leopard viewing area was refreshed to include a host of new interactive children’s exhibits.

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